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Manage budgets and bids

(Impressions x CPM Bid) / 1,000 = Budget                            (Budget / CPM Bid) x 1,000 = Impressions 

Each ad unit has its own budgets and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bids, except for Branded Search, which is given for free.

To qualify for the Mid Market tier, you must meet a minimum threshold of $3,000 USD total monthly budget, and the following minimums for each individual campaign: 

Edit Pin or Takeover Budget

1. Go to the Campaigns tab and select the Pin or Takeover campaign you wish to edit from the table.

2. Under Budget Plan, edit the Budget field with the desired monthly budget (make sure the new budget isn't lower than the minimum required).

3. Click Update Campaign to save changes.

Don't worry, If you changed the budget in the middle of the month, our system will charge you only for the amount relative to the remaining days of the month.

Use the budget spent bar in the campaign page to track each campaign's monthly progress. 

Edit Takeover CPM bid

We recommend consulting with your account executive before making any changes to your bid.

To edit your Takeover bid, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Campaigns tab and select the relevant Takeover campaign from the table (marked by "TO").

2. Under Bid, edit the Bid field.

3. If you wish to apply the bid only to specific locations, click Selected locations only and copy/paste the locations ID's, separated by commas.

4. Click Update Campaign to save changes.

Edit Pin CPM bid

Unlike the Takeover bid, the Pin bid can only be adjusted individually through each location. We recommend consulting with your account executive before making any changes in your bid.

To adjust a Pin's bid, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Locations tab and select the location from the table.

2. Under Your bid, edit the bid field.

3. Click Update Location to save changes.

If you require any assistance with editing bids for multiple locations, contact us here (LINK).
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