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Learn about budgets and bids

The Waze Mid Market solution is based on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bidding model.

To advertise on Waze Mid Market, you must meet a minimum total budget of $3,000 USD per month, with at least $60 USD towards each Pin campaign and $500 USD towards each Takeover campaign.

Our standard CPM bids are $1 USD for Pins and $20 USD for Takeovers.

Minimums for budgets are set regardless of the number of locations you advertise. The budgets and bids are calculated into the maximum number of impressions your Pins and Takeover campaigns could reach every month, using this formula:

(Impressions x Bid) / 1,000 = Budget                            (Budget / Bid) x 1,000 = Impressions

Your ads are not displayed all the time. Our system delivers impressions according to the monthly budgets and CPM bids you chose. Let's take a look at following example:

You advertise 170 locations in big cities and choose to invest $4,000 USD in Takeover budget and $3,000 USD in Pins budget. You set your CPM bids to $20 for Takeover and $1 for pins.

 This means your ads will accrue around 200,000 Takeover impressions and 3,000,000 Pins impressions for the whole month.

  • The system spreads these impressions over the total number of days in the month – in this case, around 6,600 Takeover impressions and 100,000 Pin impressions per day.
  • Divided by 170, each location will receive around 39 Takeover and 588 Pin impressions per day. However, this may vary depending on the location itself, and whether it's in a higher traffic area.
  • Your ads will mostly be served to Wazers during times when the traffic around each location is high. 

 Therefore, if you plan to advertise a large number of locations, consider a budget that will be sufficient enough to cover all of them. If your budget is too low, it is likely that your locations will not receive a sufficient number of impressions in order to create an impactful campaign.

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