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Manage offers

Mid Market advertisers can run several sets of creatives in one account by creating additional offers. The Offers tab is where advertisers can easily edit and keep track on all of the account's creatives.

When running several offers (=creatives & CTAs) in one account, the offer name can be used to identify each offer, for example: "Sharon’s Burger Christmas deals" and "Sharon’s Burger simple logo".

Offers cannot be disabled or deleted. To stop using an offer, simply create a new one and connect it to your desired campaign. You can also refresh an existing offer with new creatives. 

To learn how offers, campaigns and locations are connected to create ads, click here.

Create offer

View our images specs and guidelines and learn how to optimize your creatives.

To create a new offer, follow these steps:

1. Click the Offers tab.

2. In the Offers table, click the Add Offer button.

3. Fill in the following fields according to these guidelines:

  • Offer name: displayed only in Dashboard.
  • Advertiser name: the brand name as searched by the users in the app. The field must hold the brand name only.

4. Upload images according to our specs and guidelines:

Icon Image: the logo that will appear within the Pin icon on the map.
Image size is 38x28 pixels (152x112px is also accepted). JPG or PNG formats.

Info Page Logo Image: the image that will appear on the info page (after clicking “i” for more info).
Image size is 69x55 pixels (690x550px is also accepted). JPG or PNG formats.

Banner Image: The image that will appear in the Pin Click and in the Takeover.
Image size is 100x100 pixels (200x200px is also accepted). JPG or PNG formats.

5. Click Update Offer.


Edit offer

To edit the creatives and names of an existing offer, follow these steps:

1. Click the Offers tab.

2. Select the offer you wish to edit from the offers table.

3. Make the necessary changes and click Update Offer.

Duplicate offer

Use this option to create a new offer using an image or images from an existing offer:

1. Click the Offers tab.

2. Select the offer whose images you would like to use, from the offers table.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Duplicate Offer.

4. Change the images/text and click Update Offer.

Do not forget to associate the new offer with one or more campaigns.

Tips and important info:
  • Make sure your images look correct in the ad by clicking the expand button  in the Offer Previews section.
  • Images containing alcohol, smoking, drugs, weapons, violence, gambling, politics, sex and pornography will not be approved. Personal portrait images are forbidden as well.
  • Uploaded images are sent to our team for approval. This process takes up to 24 hours.
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