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How can I edit my business information?

To edit your business information, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in at and enter your account
  2. Go to Manage Locations and select the location you want to edit
  3. From here, you can:
  • Edit your location name
  • Add/edit business Description
  • Add additional location info
  • Adjust your Pin location
  • Adjust your address text
  • Edit your contact info
  • Edit your business's opening hours

4. Once you're finished editing, scroll down and click Update Location.

How can I edit my images?

  • Sign in at and enter your account
  • From the left navigation panel, click Manage Ads
  • Click Add Ad
  • Under Display, upload your images according to our specs
  • Click Update Ad to save changes.

Can I advertise several locations under one account?

Yes, you can!

Go to Manage Locations and click Add Location. You can add as many locations as you wish.

Remember: The budget is shared between all locations. If you advertise five locations for example, select a budget that will be sufficient to promote all five locations together.

How do I choose my budget?

The budget and CPM (the cost for 1,000 impressions) you set are calculated into the maximum number of impressions your pins reach every month.

For example, with $2 CPM and a $60 budget, the maximum number of impressions would be 30,000 per month.

The system spreads the impressions across the days of the month. In the example above, that would mean around 1,000 impressions per day. In high-traffic areas, with many Waze users driving by, the minimum budget will not serve pin impressions very often. 

If you advertise more than one location, make sure to select a budget that is sufficient enough to serve an effective number of impressions across all advertised locations. 

Remember — our system will spread the budget according to the traffic around each location in order to optimize impressions.

Bottom line: The higher the budget, the more impressions you get and the more often your pins will appear on the map.

I want to pause/resume my advertising. What should I do?

Pause/resume your advertising at any given time by following these steps:

  1. Sign in at and enter your account
  2. From the left panel, go to Account Settings > Details
  3. Click Pause Advertising

Your account will now be paused until you click Resume Advertising. Your branded pins will no longer appear on the Waze map and in the search results.

Please note: If you stop advertising in the middle of the month, you will be charged only for the impressions accumulated until then.

How can I resume advertising?

  1. Sign in at and enter your account
  2. From the left panel, go to Account Settings > Details
  3. Click Resume Advertising.

Your account will be active now. Ads will resume serving impressions within a few minutes and your business will appear on the search results page within 24 hours.

If you face any issues with enabling your account please contact us here.

How can I display a pin only during my opening hours?

If you have a very limited budget, you can maximize it by choosing to display your pin only during your business's opening hours.

Please note: this practice minimizes substantially your business's exposure. 

Once your opening hours are updated, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in at and enter your account
  2. From the left panel, go to Account Settings > Details
  3. Under Ad Units > Pins > check Only Show During Opening Hours.
  4. Click Update Account.
Tip: keep the branded search available 24/7, for Wazers to find your business any time of the day.
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