Additional Settings

Disable/enable location, change your account name or edit your invoice information.

Disable/Enable location

1. From the main screen of the Dashboard, select the relevant location.

2.  Under General, check/uncheck the box next to the word 'Enabled'.

3. Scroll down and click Update Location.

Change account name

1. Go to Account Settings from the main screen of the Dashboard.

2.  Under the Account Setting section, change the name in the Account Name field.

3. click Update Account to save changes.

   Please note: the account name is an internal name that does not affect the ad in any way.

Edit invoice information

Use this field to add any required information for tax or legal purposes.

1. Go to Account Settings from the main screen in the Dashboard.

2. Click the Billing tab and edit the Invoice Recipient Name field.

3. Click Update Account to save changes.


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