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Waze Ads offers three distinct advertising solutions based on your investment level and number of locations — Waze Local Starter, Waze Local Plus and Waze for Brands.

Waze Local Starter

Waze Local Starter is our Self-Service solution for businesses starting $2 USD/day and under $100 USD/day (1 month commitment). Waze Local Starter is designed for small businesses in need of a more localised campaign. Our local campaigns offer the following:

  • Branded Pins: Pins mark your business on the Waze map and educate nearby drivers of your location. Wazers can tap the pin to reveal an expanded ad with more business information (eg. promotions, products or services, hours, and more). Pins give drivers the option to navigate directly to your location from the ad, and can include a link to your Website. 
  • Promoted Search: A branded, highlighted search result when a Wazer searches for your business or category.

Waze Local Starter solution is sold on a bidding model, on a cost per thousand impressions basis. You set your maximum budget and are charged based on the number of monthly impressions.

Need help setting up your ad? Speak to a Waze Expert at 650-215-5147 (Mon-Fri 9a-5p ET) or visit waze.com/business

Waze Local Plus

Local Plus is our solution for regional chains, franchisees, or multi-location businesses. Budget ranges between $100 to $850/day (3-month commitment), based on the number of store locations and overall business goals.

This option offers everything available under Starter (see above), as well as the Zero-Speed Takeover format (bigger ads that pop up when drivers are at a complete stop), search keywords, additional targeting, premium customer service, and additional payment options.

  • Zero-Speed Takeovers: Appear when users are located within a certain radius from your business, prompting various calls to actions such as Drive There, Save for Later, Download App and more.

You control the radius and schedule in which Takeovers are served to users.

Sounds like you? Contact us here.

Waze for Brands

Waze for Brands solution is designed for businesses with a minimum investment level of $30,000 USD per month. This solution is most suitable for enterprise level advertisers with a large regional or national footprint.

Our Waze for Brands advertisers enjoy all of the products and features we currently offer. To learn more info, visit www.waze.com/brands.

    For more information about Waze advertising policies and guidelines, click here.
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