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This article explains how Waze Local Starter advertisers can edit the location and business information of their promoted locations. To learn how to edit organic locations on Waze, visit the Waze Help Center

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How to edit a promoted location

  1. Sign in at waze.com/business and enter your account.
  2. From the left panel, go to Manage Locations.
  3. Select a location from the list by clicking an item at the bottom row, or by marking the checkbox next to it and clicking Edit.
  4. and then clicking Edit
  5. From here, you can:
    • Edit your business name (30 characters max).
    • Add/edit your business description (80 characters max).
    • Adjust the Pin's map location with your mouse.
    • Edit the business address text.
    • Add additional location information (entrance, floor, etc.).
    • Edit your business contact info (phone, website).
    • Edit your business opening hours.
    • Add/remove location services (Parking, Drive-Thru, Curbside Pickup, etc). Note: Some location services are paired with a Location Personality badge that will appear on the location's Branded Pin. Learn more about Location Personalities.

4. Once you're finished editing, scroll down and click Update Location.

Want to edit multiple locations at once? Learn how to edit multiple locations.

Got questions? 

How can I apply opening hours that cross over to the next day? (19:00-01:00, for example)

Enter the opening hours in both days. For example, if your opening hours are Monday-Friday 19:00-01:00, enter the following:
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 19:00-00:00
  • Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 00:00-01:00
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