About location personality badges

Location personality badges were designed to help you communicate your most up-to-date offerings with your customers by by highlighting services such as curbside pick and drive-thru. They also allow you to update the CTA (call to action) of your Waze Ads campaigns. This way, customers can see what services are available at your locations before driving there.

If you’re currently offering curbside pickup, contact your Account Manager so they can help you gather your updated location information.

Pins & Arrows

A Location Personality badge will be added to your business logo.

Curbside Pickup


Pin-Clicks & Takeovers

When tapping on a Pin with a Location Personality badge, the sub-text "Offering curbside pickup" or "Offering drive-thru" will appear below the primary CTA text.


Drivers can filter their Search results to show only locations offering Drive-Thru.