Public Regions

Waze offers advertisers access to a comprehensive set of public regions, to be used either as Regional Locations or for Origin/Destination campaign targeting.

Regional Locations:

Advertisers on Waze can choose to use public regions to power their advertising campaigns, by creating regional locations through their account. Since these are not physical store front locations, restrictions apply to how these locations can later be used in advertising campaigns:

  • Can only be used in Takeover campaigns.

  • Can only be used in campaigns without ‘Drive There’ ads.

Origin/Destination Targeting:

Advertisers on Waze can target their campaigns towards drivers whose drive session originated or is ending in one of the publicly available regional areas.

List of available public region types

Type Availability Notes
Country Global  
State Global  
County/Province Global  
Metro Global Metro availability varies per country.
City Global  
Zip Codes United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Portugal and Poland  
Nielsen®️ DMA®️ Regions (Designated Market Area) US Only The DMA®️ Information is used in pursuant to a license from The Nielsen Company. Any use and/or reproduction of these materials without the express written consent of the Nielsen Company, is strictly prohibited. The DMA information is valid for a period 2019-2020.
INSEE France Only  
IRIS France Only IRIS geographical layer is produced by the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information, (IGN) under the Open License Version 1.0. Waze uses the 2019 edition found here.