Campaign Reporting

Waze Ads are unique in that they are native to our mobile app, same goes for our campaign reporting! While the main engagements (impressions, clicks, navigations, and save) are front and center, we also provide deeper understanding of user engagement by providing full funnel metrics. 


Ad Unit Clicks

Direct Navigations

History Navigations

 AlertsTotal Navigations = Direct Navigations + History Navigations

Save Clicks (Save for Later)

Save Clicks (Save Video)

Save Clicks (Save Offer)

Save Clicks (Remind Me)

Save Clicks (Change Voice + Change Car)

Save Clicks (Download App)

Favorite Brand Opt-In

Info Button Clicks

Inbox Impressions

Inbox Action Clicks

Reminder Inbox Impressions

Reminder Inbox Action Click

Performance Metrics

In addition to the above campaign reporting metrics, Waze also offers performance metrics to provide a more detailed view of your ads’ engagement levels and overall performance.

The following metrics show how Wazers are interacting with your ads.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The number of Ad Unit Clicks divided by Impressions. Applicable to Pin, Arrow, and Search ad units.

Pin Navigation Rate

A calculation of navigations/ad unit clicks.

Takeover Navigation Rate

A calculation of navigations/impressions.

Pin Save Rate

A calculation of save clicks/ad unit clicks.

Takeover Save Rate

A calculation of save clicks/impressions.

How to Read a Weekly Report

Waze also provides a performance breakdown and summary of your ads’ success via a weekly report. This report includes multiple tabs so here is a quick overview of the setup:

  • Pacing Tab: This will show pacing & delivery per placement

  • Campaign Performance: This tab shows the overall engagement and performance of each ad placement.

  • Daily Performance: This shows the same information as above but broken out by day.


Additional Resources:

Want to learn more? Download our reporting guide here or check out a sample weekly report.