Waze Ads Tracking in Campaign Manager (CM)


Campaign Manager (formerly known as DCM) is a Google ad server service that enables marketers to plan, execute and measure their campaigns through the Google Marketing Platform (GMP). It’s used by advertisers and advertising agencies to manage digital display campaigns across websites and mobile apps. CM includes a set of features for trafficking, ad serving, targeting, verification, reporting, and attribution modeling. CM delivers and/or tracks advertising on websites, the mobile web, and mobile apps.

When someone visits a site or app that includes CM ad tags, the tags call CM’s ad server. Once the right ad is identified, CM sends the creative to the webpage or app, then counts an impression for that ad.


Any existing and new CM tags implemented for impression and click tracking on Waze campaigns will pass along available mobile device IDs to CM. This means any CM measurement or reporting capability (e.g., that relied on mobile device IDs) will now be available to advertisers and agencies tracking Waze in CM.


Waze will accept tracking ads (tags) from CM, and this means that CM is used just for tracking while Waze is still responsible for hosting advertisers’ creatives and serving the ads.




For an overview of CM tagging requirements, please download this one sheeter.

We’ll use the impression and click tags highlighted here for CM Tracking Ad tags. Common tags we do not support include: Standard tags, iframe/JavaScript tags, Click tracker tags, 1x1 pixels, or any other tags from providers that are not CM.

The click-tag provided cannot be reused for Inbox Messages, you must provide a new URL for this purpose.

  • Reporting

    • You must set up automated DDM daily reports to be sent to the AdOps owners email

  • Billing

    • Invoices will be calculated based on the Waze Ads Reporting Dashboard, not based on CM values.



According to CM why am I seeing impressions being served in locations outside of the markets/geos we are targeting in our campaign?

Waze serves ads and reports on impressions based on the user device’s location using lat/lon coordinates coming from the device’s GPS chip. CM’s geographic reporting is based on the device’s IP address, which can be very different from the actual GPS-based location of the device itself. Sometimes, the geographic reporting data on your campaigns might be different from the data in our reports. Google’s CM help center describes some reasons here specifically under the “Different counting methodologies” section.


Will Waze's impression and click counts match exactly with CM's?

In aggregate, we expect Waze and CM values to be within 10% of one another which is the industry standard for discrepancies.

Why are there large differences between CM and Waze reporting on impressions and clicks in daily or hourly breakouts but not in aggregate for the entire campaign flight?

We are not expecting the systems to be close in hourly data and even daily data, as Waze operates on locations' local timezone, and CM in a set timezone. It will be most important to compare total delivery.