Measurement Solutions

Waze’s first-party (1P) Ad Effectiveness measurement solutions enable you to assess the impact of your campaign(s) -- beyond ad engagement metrics like click-through-rate (CTR) -- using control/treatment experimental design. These solutions leverage the rich in-app ad experience and data proprietary to Waze.

Currently, Waze offers two 1P Ad Effectiveness measurement solutions that address two different marketing objectives:

Ad Recall Lift (Awareness)

  • Understand whether your brand is seen and remembered by users exposed to your ads

Navigation Lift (Action)

  • Evaluate the impact of your campaign on user navigation behavior

1P Ad Effectiveness Measurement Overview

Ad Recall

Waze offers an Ad Recall study to help you measure your campaign’s effect on our users remembering your ads. This is done by surveying a group of users who were exposed to your ads and a control group of users who were not exposed to your ads. After surveying users in both the exposed and control groups, we compare the percentage of users who positively selected your brand to determine a lift percentage

Navigation Lift

Waze offers a Navigation Lift measurement solution intended to answer the question of, “Are users more likely to look for and navigate to your advertised locations as a result of your ads?” Specifically, we measure the difference in likelihood that a group of users exposed to your Waze ads searched and navigated to your advertised store locations compared to a control group.

1P Methodology Overview

Ad Recall Methodology

Ad Recall studies are performed by asking users in the exposed and control groups to respond to a multiple-choice survey question. The survey is shown as a Zero-speed Takeover, meaning it will only display when a user has come to a complete stop, and it will disappear once the user resumes driving.

The survey question that runs today is: “Have you seen any of these brands on Waze lately?”

AlertsWe currently do not support any additional or custom survey questions.


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.19.17 PM.png

Sample Ad Recall Survey


Navigation Lift Methodology

Waze’s Navigation Lift studies measure the likelihood of users navigating to an advertiser's location through search after users have been exposed to the advertiser’s campaign. To ensure that we capture only the impact of the ads and nothing else, we compare this likelihood to that of another group that has not been exposed to any ads (control group). The relative difference in the likelihood of navigating through search between the two groups is defined as the Navigation Lift.