Campaign Structure and Targeting

In order for one or more ads to run and highlight your locations, there must be a campaign to tie everything together. The campaigns hold important supplementary information for advertising on Waze including the ad unit, campaign budgets, bids, targeting, and more!

Structure of a Campaign

In order to run an advertising campaign on Waze, the campaign requires these four components

  1. Ad (Creative): You can run multiple ads (creatives) within the same campaign only through A/B testing .

  2. Ad Unit: Each campaign can only have one ad unit (Pin, Takeover, Arrow, and Search). If you want the same ad to run using multiple ad units, multiple campaigns are required.

  3. Budget: Your campaign budget is the maximum amount of money that a single campaign will spend.
    If you want to share a budget among two or more campaigns, this is possible.
    However, this can only occur between campaigns with the same ad unit.

  4. Locations: Locations are the first layer of targeting and will determine where the ad is eligible to be served.

In addition to the attributes above, targeting can also be applied to campaigns.


Targeting is applied to campaigns for advertisers who want to reach a particular subset of drivers or provide a specific message to unique groups of drivers (depending on the context of their drive).

Waze provides both audience and real-time targeting options.

Audience Targeting 

Audience targeting is based on driver attributes - their language settings, where they frequently drive, their work and home address settings, etc.

Types of Audience Targeting:

  • Tourists vs. Locals: Reach users based on the proximity of their Home or Work to your business locations.
  • User Interests: Reach users based on their interests
  • Age & Gender: Reach users based on their demographics
  • Operating System: Reach users based on their mobile devices (Android or iPhone).
  • Cellular Carrier: Reach users based on their cellular carrier.

Real-time Targeting 

Real-time targeting is about the drive rather than the driver. You can target drives that occur in hot weather or heavy traffic, or when drivers are on their way to work, on a road trip, or navigating to a restaurant, hotel, or airport.

Types of Real-time Targeting:

  • Business Opening Hours: If your locations have opening and closing hours, you can choose to display your ads for locations only when they are open.
  • Day Part Targeting: Use different messaging depending on the time of day or day of the week.
  • Destination: Reach users who are on their way to a specific type of location: home, work, or a category of business.
  • Traffic Type: Reach users based on the type of traffic they are stopped in: light, medium, heavy, standstill, or red light.
  • Weather: Use specific messaging based on the weather conditions drivers are experiencing at that moment.
  • Language: Use specific messaging based on a user’s Waze language settings.
  • Route length: Reach users based on their navigation route length.

Custom Targeting 

We often partner with our customers to create unique branded advertising experiences. These experiences require advanced custom targeting options.

  • Change Car: Provide users with the option to change their car to a model promoted by an advertiser.

Download Change Car Guide

  • Change Voice: Enables drivers to immediately change their current voice command setting to that of a Celebrity Voice.