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Add locations & regions

Locations and regions control where your ads are displayed, and are the first layer of ads targeting. This article explains how to add new locations and regions in Waze Ad Manager.

Before you begin

Learn about the difference between locations and regions in Waze.

How to add a location or region

There are 2 ways to add new locations and regions to your Waze Ad Manager account. Choose the best one based on the goal you want to achieve:

Option 1: Manage campaigns and locations together

To add new locations and simultaneously associate them with a new campaign:

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click the Campaigns tab
  3. Click Create campaign
  4. Add locations or regions to the campaign in step 3. Learn how.

Option 2: Manage campaigns and locations separately

To add a location without connecting it to a campaign yet:

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click the Location tab
  3. Click Create location or Create region

To connect a location to an existing campaign that targets specific locations only, enter the campaign and select the location to target from the list. Learn how.

Locations tips and guidelines

Location name

Your location name should be the most recognizable name of the destination, usually the business name.

  • Do not include your city/state/country/branch name unless it's part of the brand name.
  • Though 30 characters is the max length, 18 characters is the optimal length to ensure the entire location name is fully displayed in all screen sizes.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS, use Sentence Case.
Do Don't
Sharon's Pizza

Sharon's Pizza - Miami

Sharon's Pizza - USA

Adams Car Rental

Adams Car Rental - The Best Bargain for You!

Adams Car Rental - Detroit Branch

New York Tours NEW YORK TOURS    

Additional info (optional)

This is where you can add additional navigation instructions to the location if those are needed–special entrance, floor, suite, etc.


This will be the ad description in campaigns that use it as the ad copy.

Business info

  • Phone number: Enter the full phone number, including area code.
  • Display URL: Enter a shortened version of the URL.

Location Personalities

Check the boxes next to the services available at the location. Note: Selecting "curbside pick" or "drive-thru" will add a location personality badge next to your ads. Learn more about Location Personalities.

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