Waze Local has a new name. Introducing Waze Ads Starter. Learn more about this update here.

View/Manage campaign details

We recently made improvements to the Dashboard. Prefer the classic experience?

Click Switch to Legacy in the top bar of the Waze Ads homepage. 

You can generate and export report of your ad performance from  the Manage tabs– Campaigns, Locations and Ads. Learn more about metrics in Waze Ads.

Filter metric data

  1. Sign in at waze.com/business and enter the account
  2. From the left panel, click Manage. Then, click the relevant tab (Campaigns, Locations or Ads)
  3. Filter data by:
    • Time range: By clicking This month and selecting or customizing a time range
    • Ad format: By clicking All ad formats and selecting a specific ad format
    • Metrics: By clicking Customize columns and checking the boxes next to the metrics that interest you
  4. Click Export to download the filtered data

See more information and graphs on the Overview page


The number of navigations is greater than clicks, how is that possible?

The number of navigations may be greater than the number of clicks because the number of navigations also includes History navigations.

History navigation represents repeat navigation to your location from a history search result. While history navigations are registered, history clicks are not, thus the discrepancy between Clicks and Navigations.
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