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Calculate budget and impressions

Waze Ads is based on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) bidding model. The budget you set determines the maximum number of impressions your Pin, Arrow and Takeover campaigns can deliver to Waze users within a set time period.

Each ad format has its own default CPM, except for Search, which is available for free as long as you have active billable campaigns in your account.

Here's how impressions and budgets are calculated:

  • Impressions × CPM ÷ 1,000 = Budget
  • Budget ÷ CPM × 1,000 = Impressions 

For example, for a $2 USD CPM and $300 USD budget, the maximum number of impressions is 150,000 per month. The system spreads these impressions as evenly as possible across the month. In this example, that equates to around 5,000 impressions per day. The daily impressions are spread throughout the day and optimized based on the traffic around your business.

Your budget is shared between all locations. If you plan to advertise multiple locations, choose a budget that will be sufficient to cover them all.
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