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Creative specs & guidelines

Use the following guidelines to create ads that reach Wazers and drive performance for your business. While some guidelines are considered best practice, and therefore not mandatory, all ads and assets must comply with the Waze Ads Policies.


Required image assets

The required image assets vary based on your ad format and banner type:


1.  Pin, Search & Arrow icon

This will be your business logo as displayed as a promoted Search result, branded Pin on the map and/or Arrow on the map. Should be your business's most recognizeable logo or image, with a solid color background and high-contrasting colors.

  • Width: 152 pixels
  • Height: 112 pixels
This asset is required only for ads running on campaigns that prompt navigation. 

2.  Location preview & Takeover banner 

Upon creating a new ad, you can select between 3 different types of banners: 

Square banner

  • Width: 200 pixels
  • Height: 200 pixels

2-parts banner

  • Left banner: 170x170 pixels
  • Right banner: 458w x 240h pixels

Wide banner

  • Width: 608 pixels
  • Height: 240 pixels

Creative best practices

We encourage advertisers to think about billboards when designing their creative for Waze users (drivers):

Pro tips

  • Use messaging that relates to the campaign goal and aligns with the Waze CTA
  • Using a complementary CTA in your message encourages Wazers to engage with the campaign
  • Do not include a CTA button in your Premium Creative image

1.  Keep it contextual and memorable

The more a creative asset is customized to the specific platform or campaign, the more likely users will be to engage and remember your brand’s message. In this case, tailor your message towards drivers.

  • Banners: Less (text) is more. Shorter messages are easier for Wazers to digest when at a stop. Use the message to add more context to the Wazer’s journey.

  • Brand Icon: Use your most recognizable icon which clearly indicates what is being advertised at the marked location.

2.  Make it simple and clear

When you eliminate clutter and distracting elements, your ad can shine. Use a simple message that resonates with drivers. Use your brand to drive awareness of your offerings or locations. 

Brand Icon:

  • Solid color background with logo overlay is recommended for optimal map performance
  • If the brand name on the logo is longer than 10 characters, use the brand’s icon version of the logo.


  • No small text – recommended font size is greater than 18 pt
  • Use compelling product images
  • No more than 60 characters or 3 lines of text
  • Make sure your brand’s logo is clear and conspicuous for optimal brand recall
  • Add any legal copy to the Location Preview screen, rather than the Premium Creative.

3.  Align the call to action (CTA) with your campaign goals

Think about the end goal of your campaign. What do you ultimately want the user to do? What's going to incite action but not be overbearing? Choose a CTA to strengthen your campaign message.

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