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Create non-navigable campaigns

Non-navigable campaigns are available with Takeover ads only. Learn more about ad formats.

Locations on Waze act as the first targeting layer for campaigns. When creating a Takeover campaign, you can choose between 2 types of locations:

  • Around your business locations: The Takeover ad will be displayed to Wazers within a certain distance from your business. Wazers will be able to navigate to the location.
  • In a specific region: The Takeover ad will be displayed to Wazers within a specific region, regardless of their distance from your business. Wazers won't be able to navigate to the location.

This article explains how to create campaigns on Waze that don't offer the option to navigate to specific locations from the ad.

Before you begin

Learn about the difference between locations and regions in Waze.


To create a non-navigable Zero-Speed Takeover campaign, add a campaign normally and select the following sequence of advertising goals, ad format, actions, and locations type:

Step 1: Objective

  • "Choose your advertising goal": Choose either Website visits or Calls. 
  • "Ad format": Always choose Takeover. All other ad formats (Search, Pin, and Arrow) prompt navigation as either a primary or secondary action.

Step 2: Create your ad

  • "Choose primary action": Choose Save for Later or Call Now. All other call to actions (Drive There and Save Location) prompt navigation as a primary action.

Step 3: Locations

  • "Choose location where your ads will appear": Choose In a specific zip code, city, or region to run your ads in large areas, rather than around specific points on the map.
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