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Create & edit ads

Ads contain all your creative assets (including images, texts and call to action) and control how your advertisements look on Waze. This article explains all the different ways to create and edit ads in the Waze Ad Manager.

Remember: Making changes to your ad images (logo and banners) triggers a review process. Learn more about the account and ad review process.

Before you begin

There are 2 places in which you can access, create and edit ads in the Waze Ad Manager–the "Campaigns" tab and the "Ads" tab.

You can manage your ads whichever way to find convenient, but it's important to think how you plan to manage your ads and campaigns, and familiarize yourself with the recommended paths:


Option 1: Manage ads within campaigns

To create or edit an ad for a specific campaign, it's recommended to access the ad within the campaign running the ad. This way, you can be sure you're editing the right ad. If you're creating a new ad, this also saves you the extra step of connecting the ad to the campaign.

To add/edit an ad within a campaign:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Manage
  2. Click the Campaigns tab
  3. Add or select a campaign
  4. Edit the ad in step 2 ("Create Ad") of the campaign creation/edit page. Learn more.
  5. Finish creating/editing the campaign
  6. Click Publish your campaign to save changes

Option 2: Manage ads in the 'Ads' tab

Managing ads in the 'Ads' tab is useful if you plan to create different versions of your ad for testing, or create ads for future use (for example, for an upcoming holiday, end-of-season sale, etc.).

To create an ad without using it on a campaign yet:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Manage
  2. Click the Ads tab
  3. Click Create ad, or select an existing ad
  4. Set up the ad and save changes

When you're ready to run the ad, connect the ad to a campaign by following the instructions in the previous section ("Manage ads within campaigns").


Tip: To preview how your ad looks across all ad units, click Preview your campaign on the "Edit Ads" or "Edit Campaigns" page.


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