Waze for Brands has a new name. Introducing Waze Ads. Learn more about this update here.

Ad Components

Ads are what our users see on the map! They are not made of solely creatives. Ads also house the Call-To-Action (CTA) and, if relevant, the text, URLs, and push notifications. 

If ads are not linked to a campaign and a location, they won’t be presented to Waze drivers. To learn more about how ads, campaigns, and locations are connected, click here.

Structure of an Ad

Ads are built using three primary assets:


For each and every ad we need different creative assets. 

  • Brand Icon
  • Brand Logo
  • Banners

Calls-To-Action (CTA):

Note each ad will have only one CTA. The CTA options are listed below.

  • Save Location: Users who click Save Location will save your businesses location to their navigation menu.
  • Save Offer: Users who click Save Offer will receive an inbox message with a coupon code or image and information about where it can be redeemed.
  • Drive There: Users who click Drive There are re-routed to your business location.
  • Save Video: Users who click Save Video will receive an inbox message that includes a YouTube video player. One tap initiates playback and counts toward your YouTube view count.
  • Download App: Users who click Download App will receive an inbox message directing them to your app's page in the App Store or Play Store.
  • Remind Me: Users who click Remind Me will receive a reminder push notification and inbox message with more information about your offer and a link to your mobile website.
  • Save for Later: Users who click Save for Later will receive an inbox message with more information about your offer and a link to your mobile website.
  • Call Now: Users who click Call Now will prompt their mobile device to call your business.
  • Change Voice: Users who click Change Voice will download and enable the promoted navigation voice.
  • Change Car: Users who click Change Car will change their Waze car to the one being promoted.

Ad Copy:

This is additional ad text that can appear together with your banners in the location preview page of your ad. It is formed using different elements based on the CTA of your ad.

  • Additional Ad Information: Optional additional text to appear below the location description in the Location Preview screen.
  • Promoted URL: The webpage Wazers will be redirected to by clicking "read more about this offer".
  • Legal Copy: Additional text to appear under additional ad information for a promotion’s terms and conditions.
  • Inbox Title: Title of the inbox message Wazers will receive.
  • Inbox Offer: Copy to be included in the inbox message to Wazers.
  • Reminder Type: Reminders are composed of two screens: a Push Notification and Reminder screen. Push Notifications and Reminders are connected. When users open the Push Notification they are directed to the Reminder Message.

Reminder Types:

  • Proximity: Send users a Push Notification when they are within 1km/0.6 miles of your business location.
  • Hours Before Expiration: Send users a Push Notification a certain number of hours before a campaign's end date.
  • Elapsed Hours: Send users a Push Notification a certain number of hours after they’ve clicked on an ad’s main CTA.
  • Schedule (GMT): Send users a Push Notification at a specific date and time. Note, anyone who saves an ad after the scheduled date will not receive a Push Notification.
  • Reminder Title: Title of the reminder to be sent to Wazers.
  • Reminder Description: Message to be included in the reminder sent to Wazers.
  • Reminder URL: The webpage Wazers will be redirected to after clicking the link in the reminder. 

Asset Specifications and Guidelines

In order to create an ad, we must receive all assets in the correct specifications.

Creatives: depending on the ad type, we must receive the following assets:

Premium Native Ads:

  • Brand Icon: 152x112 pixels

  • Brand Logo: 690x550 pixels

  • Premium Banner: 608x240 pixels

  • Premium Banner Wide: 788x240 pixels

IAB Ads (for Zero-Speed Takeover DV360):

  • Brand Icon: 152x112 pixels

  • Brand Logo: 690x550 pixels

  • IAB Standard Logo: 170x170 pixels

  • IAB Standard Banner: 458x240 pixels

Standard Ads:

  • Brand Icon: 152x112 pixels

  • Brand Logo: 690x550 pixels

  • Standard Banner: 200x200 pixels

AlertsAll assets must be in .JPG or .PNG formats 

Ad Copy: Must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Additional ad information: Up to 100 characters. You can type more than 100 characters, but the additional text will be displayed only when users click "Read more".

  • Legal: Up to 70 characters. You can type more than 100 characters but the additional text will be displayed only when users click "Read more".

  • The following fields have no character limit for copy but the text will be cut off in the main window if too long. We recommend no more than 50 characters!

    • Inbox Title, Inbox Offer, Reminder Title, Reminder Description

Creative Best Practices

We encourage advertisers to think about billboards when designing their creative for Waze users (drivers)! 

In order to build effective creatives, we have set three simple golden rules:

  1. Keep it Contextual and Memorable.

    The more a creative asset is customized to the specific platform or campaign, the more likely users will be to engage and remember your brand’s message. In this case, tailor your message towards drivers.
    • Banners: Less (text) is more. Shorter messages are easier for Wazers to digest when at a stop. Use the message to add more context to the Wazer’s journey.

    • Brand Logo: Use a detailed logo which highlights the strength of your brand. The logo appears larger in the app than the Brand Icon.

    • Brand Icon: Use your most recognizable icon which clearly indicates what is being advertised at the marked location.

  2. Make it Simple and Clear to the User.

    When you eliminate clutter and distracting elements, your ad can shine. Use a simple message that resonates with drivers. User your brand to drive awareness of your offerings or locations. Some tips:
    • Brand Icon:
      • Solid color background with logo overlay is recommended for optimal map performance

      • Asset must be high resolution on all devices

      • No images; brand logos or icons only

      • If logo is more than 10 characters, use brand’s icon version of logo

      • Most recognizable brand icon or logo

    • Banners:
      • No small text - recommended font size is greater than 18 pt

      • No more than 60 characters or 3 lines of text

      • Use compelling product images

      • Make sure your brand’s logo is clear and conspicuous for optimal brand recall

      • Add any legal copy to the Location Preview screen, rather than the Premium Creative

  1. Align the Call-to-Action (CTA)

    Think about the end goal of your campaign. What do you ultimately want the user to do? What's going to incite action but not be overbearing? Choose a Waze CTA to strengthen your campaign message. Primary engagements come from the Waze CTA.
Top Tips
  • Use messaging that relates to the campaign goal and aligns with the Waze CTA

  • Using a complementary CTA in your message encourages Wazers to engage with the campaign

  • Do not include a CTA button in your Premium Creative image

Still have questions? Check out our Creative FAQs:

How much text should my ad image have?

Waze recommends ads with concise text. Text-heavy assets are distracting and may result in a poor experience for drivers. Waze encourages advertisers to keep their message to under 60 characters or three lines of text to ensure the message is easily digestible.

What does it mean that I have too much image text?

Text in your ad can include text laid over a photo or illustration, text-based logos, or watermarks used in an ad's image. If your ad is using any of these elements, you may want to consider reducing the text by simplifying your logo or message. Consider putting most of your text on the Location Preview screen. If you must use a lot of text to get your message across, use as few characters as possible.

How do I improve my engagement rates?

If you have something special to offer, make sure your customers see it! Highlight appealing offerings such as new products, discounts, promotional codes, and limited time offers. Nothing new to promote? Chat with your Waze representative about refreshing your creative on a quarterly basis to keep your customers engaged.

How do I measure creative success?

Consider performing an A/B creative test. Based on the results, you may adjust your creative or message to see what drives the most positive response. Depending on your objective, we can look at both Ad Recall and Navigation Lift to your locations to see any changes in driver behavior.

How do I make my creative relevant to drivers?

When designing your ads for Waze, remember that users on Waze are drivers and passengers. Appeal to these users by enriching their journey with contextual messages about your brand, location, or offer. By understanding the medium, in this case a digital billboard, you can avoid repurposing digital ads cut from internet.

How do I make my Pin stand out on the map?

Using a solid color background with a logo overlay is recommended for optimal map performance.

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