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Request an invoice revision

The Support Hub is gradually rolling out to all managed clients on Waze Ads. If you didn’t get an announcement yet, stay tuned for updates from your account team.

Important: Invoice revision requests might take up to few weeks due to internal billing processes. 

Before you begin

Learn about billing cycles in Waze Ads.

How to request an invoice revision

  1. Sign in to your Waze Ads Support Hub account
  2. From your homepage, click Open a new support request
  3. In the "What’s your request about?" field, choose I need help on Invoice and Billing
  4. In the “What do you need help with?” field, choose I need to revise/rectify an invoice
  5. In the "What do you need to correct" field, choose the type of revision you want to make:
    • Amount Revision or Item Details: Choose this if the total amount or invoice descriptions should be updated or if you want to add any notes 
    • PO Number: Choose this if you need to add or update the customer PO number
    • Split / Consolidate: Choose this if the total amount is correct but you want to divided it into multiple invoices or to group multiple invoices into one
    • Bill-to name / Address: Choose this if the billing account or billing address is incorrect
      Note: If you need your invoice to be rebilled to a different billing account you can choose an existing account from the dropdown menu or mark the "New Billing Account" checkbox to create a new account.
    • Currency Change: Choose this if the currency needs to be updated
  6. Fill the rest of the fields according to the form instructions
  7. Please make sure to attach the copies of all invoices
  8. Click Submit

What happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email that the request has been successfully submitted to the Waze Ads Support team.

The team might contact you for any missing information or clarifications. You will be able to track all of your requests through your Waze Ads Support Hub account. Learn where to find all of your support requests.

The team will also email you once your request has been resolved.

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