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About calls to action

Calls to action (CTAs) help you achieve the main thing you want to get from your campaign, such as store visits or website traffic. Depending on your business objectives, there are several different CTAs you can use with any of your ad formats.

Store visits

Drive There: Wazers who tap Drive There are rerouted to your business location.

Build awareness  

  • Save Offer: Wazers who tap Save Offer receive an inbox message with a coupon code or image and information about where it can be redeemed.
  • Save Location: Wazers who tap Save Location save your business’ location to their navigation menu.

Promote action

  • Download App: Wazers who tap Download App receive an inbox message directing them to your app's page in the App Store or Play Store.
  • Save for Later: Wazers who tap Save for Later receive an inbox message with more information about your offer and a link to your mobile website.
  • Call Now: Wazers who tap Call Now prompt their mobile device to call your business.
  • Save Video: Wazers who tap Save Video receive an inbox message which includes a YouTube video player. One tap initiates playback and counts towards your YouTube view count.
  • Remind Me: Wazers who tap Remind Me receive a reminder push notification and an inbox message with more info about your offer, along with a link to your mobile website.

Leverage your brand

  • Change Voice: Wazers who tap Change Voice will download and enable the promoted navigation voice.
  • Change Car: Wazers who tap Change Car will change their Waze car to the one you promote.

Inbox messages & push notifications

Depending on the calls to action (CTAs) you have chosen, Wazers can sometimes receive inbox messages and push notifications.

Inbox messages

Sent immediately after a Wazer interacts with your ad and CTA.

Inbox messages complement then following CTAs: Save Offer, Remind Me, Save for Later, Download App, Save Video, Change Car, and Change Voice.

Push notifications

Push notifications prompts Wazers to the Reminder inbox message, which shares additional information about your business after a Wazer saves your ad. Push notifications work with the following CTAs: Save Location, Save Offer, Remind Me, Save for Later, Download App, Save Video, Change Car, and Change Voice.

There are four 4 types of push notifications:

  • Proximity: The reminder is sent when the Wazers is close to one of your locations
  • Elapsed hours: The reminder is sent a certain number of hours after the ad was saved
  • Scheduled date: the reminder is sent on a specific date and time
  • Time before expiration: The reminder is sent a certain number of hours before the expiration date of the offer.

You can select 1 type of push notification per offer.

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