Get the Traffic View Feed

Once you set up routes in the Traffic View Tool, it allows you to see them in a JSON format.

To get started, request access to the Traffic View Feed. Once your request is approved, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to a JSON file containing the Traffic View feed data.

You can also get the link from the Waze for Cities Portal:

  1. In the left menu, click Data sharing
  2. Under "Requests Summary", look for "Traffic View Feed" in the chart
  3. Copy the link under the "Data" column

The feed links contain Waze traffic data for your region. It refreshes once every minute.

With the link, you can:

  • Apply the data to your control center maps
  • Collect the data for analysis

Data included in the Traffic View Feed

  1. General traffic information: Routes and ETAs from your Traffic View Tool
  2. Irregularities (also called Unusual Traffic): Alerts and traffic jams from your Traffic View Tool that affect an exceptionally large number of users
  3. Waze user generated reports and alerts related to a specific incident causing traffic.
Note: When you change the polygon or routes in the Traffic View tool, your feed changes too.


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