Use the Closure Tool

To get started, request access to the Waze Closure Tool. Once your request is approved, follow these steps:​

  1. Sign in to the Waze Map Editor with your organization’s institutional username
  2. In the Search location section, type where you want to add a closure in your polygon. It can be a street name, a city or specific coordinates
  3. In the top right corner, click the Layers icon
  4. Check the box for Road section and then check the boxes for Roads and Closures
  5. Zoom in to the area where you want to add a closure
  6. Click a street to select it. To select multiple streets, press the Control key, and then click streets to select them.
  7. Click the Closures tab on the left, and then Add a closure
  8. Fill out the relevant info, then click Add

The Waze Road Closure Tool

Report a closure via email 

Send an email to and our teams will add the relevant closure data to the map directly. We accept data in the following formats: 

  1. As a spreadsheet. If you choose to send a spreadsheet, please ensure you’ve included the following information:
    1. All of the street names that will be closed during the event
    2. The intersecting street where each closure begins and ends
    3. The start and end time of each road that will be closed
    4. The start and end date of each road that will be closed
    5. Indicate if the whole road is closed or just one direction is closed

    Your spreadsheet should resemble this format:

  1. As a screenshot of the area of the event. If you would like to send the information as a screenshot, please ensure that the closed roads are marked clearly and include in the email body the start time and end time of each closure.
    Your screenshot should look like this:
  2. As a map image. Please indicate the start and end time and date that each road will be closed, and include all roads that will be affected.
    Your image should look like this:
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