The Data Sharing tab

Use this tab to request Waze for Cities data sharing tools and integrations and track the status of your requests. Click Request beside the tool you want to access.

Tool name

What it is


Closure Tool

This tool lets you manually add road closures in the Waze Map Editor.

  • Temporarily block routing from specific sections of roads

  • Identify and remove existing closures

Reporting Tool

This tool lets you add incidents, hazards, and traffic jams directly to the Waze map in real time and in advance.

  • Car crashes

  • Construction zones

  • Road hazards

  • Traffic jams

Traffic View Tool

This tool is a dashboard that monitors real-time overviews of traffic in your area, 24/7. It compares historical traffic data in routes previously chosen by you. The dashboard has live road reports shared by millions of Waze drivers.

  • Create a list of the routes that you want to track

  • Get a quick visual snapshot of traffic conditions

  • Get alerts about unusual traffic in locations where long traffic jams are unexpectedly building and view cause, duration, and alternate routes

Traffic View Feed Integration

This feed is a full set of raw data from the Traffic View Tool.

  • View travel times (ETA) in a feed format after you define your routes

Partner Data Feed Integration

Lets you automatically share real-time and planned road closures and  incidents with Waze.

  • Road closures

  • Major hazards

  • Major construction

Waze Data Feed Integration

Waze makes its data available for you through a localized XML or JSON GeoRSS feed that is updated every 2 minutes.

  • Real-time updates that can be collected for analysis

Unusual Traffic Alerts Integration

Automatic messages with a summary of current traffic conditions in your area that fall outside normal traffic patterns for that day of the week and time of day.

  • The cause of unusual traffic

  • Insights and comments based on real-time user road reports

  • The trend to anticipate traffic forecast

  • Alternate routes to bypass the traffic


Note: The most important info you can provide is about closures.

Learn how to request access to Waze for Cities data sharing tools.

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