How to escalate closure-related issues to Waze

1st - Troubleshoot (take these steps before escalating):

  1. Check the problem on at least one other phone. 
    • Are you getting different results? 
    • Are you getting different routes? 
    • Are the closures only appearing on one phone and not the other? 
  2. If you had already driven through the road in question, delete this destination from your history (Left menu > swipe right > delete) and retest the route. 

2nd - If the issue persists, email the following information:

  • Username experiencing the problem
  • Date/time that the problem occurred
  • Detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing
  • Confirm that you completed the Troubleshooting steps (listed above)
  • Answer the following questions for both the Live Map and Waze Map Editor (if possible)
    • Description of problem location (include the segment ID, if possible)
    • Do the closures appear in the Editor, but not in the Live Map? 
    • Do the closures appear in both the Editor and the Live Map, but not in the Waze mobile app? 
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