Add routes to your Digital Billboard

The Digital Billboard allows you to present multiple routes from the same starting point based on the routes set in the Traffic View. The Waze Traffic View allows you to create and manage the routes that will appear on your Digital Billboard.

To create a routes on Waze Digital Billboard:

  1. Log into Traffic View.

  2. Click Add route  .
  3. Give your route a name in the Route name field. 
  4. Zoom in on the map to find your start and end locations and click to drop the pins on the map. You can add additional pins between these two points if you want to customize a specific route, however, you must first add the start and end locations.
  5. Click Save and your route should appear on your Watchlist.
When creating a route, please ensure that the destination and route names are clear and will make sense to your audience.

Important: You can add up to 7 routes to your Digital Billboard.

After you've created the routes in Traffic View, please send the following information to the Waze team:

  • Name of the billboard - this should be the origin of all the routes you created
  • Area name 
  • Polygon for the relevant area
  • Distance units - either kilometers or miles
  • Who created your routes - the Waze username of the person who created the routes using Traffic View

Once the Waze team will receives this information, you will receive a link to your digital billboard.  

  • The billboard name that you provided to your Waze POC will show as the title (in this case, Digital Billboard Name). The name will appear on the Digital Billboard after the first route has been added.
  • Your destination will appear in bold as: Destination
  • Your route name will appear underneath the destination as: via route name

You can add up to 7 routes to your Digital Billboard.

For information about managing and editing your routes, please check out Route Watchlist feed in our related article:


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