Major Traffic Events (MTEs)

Major Traffic Events (MTEs)

Waze can help provide additional coverage for Major Traffic Events (MTEs) like marathons, parades, or festivals that include significant road closures.

Waze coverage for MTEs is based on the following criteria to determine the scale of impact for local Waze users: 

  • Effect on important/heavily-used roads
  • Number of road closures
  • Number of local users
  • Number of event attendees

Examples of Major Traffic Events include the Los Angeles Marathon, Golden Gate Bridge closure or the Pope visit to Mexico City.

Once we determine that an event qualifies as an MTE, it is eligible for coverage in some/all of the following ways: 

See here for more information about MTE notifications & messaging.

Submit MTE information:

To submit a Major Traffic Event use either of the methods below:

Send closure information via email

Send an email to in one of the following formats. In addition to the event information, please include:

  • The official name of the institution which will receive credit in the MTE

Send your information as a spreadsheet

Include the following data:

  • All street names closed during the event
  • Intersecting street where each closure begins and ends
  • Start and end time for each closed road
  • Start and end date for each closed road
  • Indicate if the whole road is closed or just one direction is closed

Note: The more complete the information we receive, the more likely it is that we will be able to support your event.


Send your information as a screenshot of the affected roads

A map that shows all closed roads with the following data (please see example attached):

  • Start and end time for each closed road
  • Start and end date for each closed road




Add your event and closure information using the Closure Tool

Use the Closure Tool to add MTEs and associate closures with that event in real time. 

For access to the tool, please get in touch with your Waze POC.


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