Report a crisis event in your area

Submit information on a crisis event to receive additional support from Waze

If a crisis event is developing in your area, email the following information to

Suggested email format:

Subject: URGENT: Crisis Event [Name of crisis]

  • Critical event information​
    • Timeline (expected start time and duration of crisis)
    • Type of crisis
    • Expected/existing severity of damage 
  • Bounding box
  • Road closures - please include any of the available:
    • All of the street names that will be closed during the event
    • The intersecting street where each closure begins and ends
    • The start and end time of each road that will be closed
    • The start and end date of each road that will be closed
    • Indicate if the whole road is closed or just one direction is closed
  • Open shelters/crisis centers
  • News coverage (optional)

Waze carefully evaluates all events submitted to determine areas where we can most be of service to our community. To understand how we determine our response, read How Waze evaluates a crisis.

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