Teams: your traffic community

Set up your station's Waze Team

Start building your traffic community by setting up a Waze Team.

Send the following information to your Waze contact to create a Waze Team for your station: 

  • Email associated with the account

  • Broadcaster team name - this is the name users look for to find you in the Waze app

  • High resolution version of your logo in .eps, .ai, .pdf, or .psd format for use as a Team badge:

    • Be sure to use the latest version of the logo

    • Use monochromatic color, preferably black & white

  • City or Country Bounding Box - the map area your station covers. Define the map area where Wazers should see the option to join your team using the link below:


  1. Click on "Clear Map" 
  2. Click on the hand icon to manually find and go to your location on the map.  
  3. Click on the Polygon icon which will be used to draw the polygon around the area you want to capture.
  4. Copy the coordinates that are generated in the box to the right. It should look something like:
    POLYGON((-118.45733642578125 34.144984499634255,-117.97119140625 34.146121054970635,-118.03024291992188 33.82158490952965,-118.36532592773438 33.82158490952965,-118.48617553710938 34.00393321403581,-118.45733642578125 34.144984499634255))
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