Unusual Traffic on Twitter

Unusual Traffic Twitter accounts

Search and follow Waze Unusual Traffic on Twitter for your metro and be the first to know about unusual traffic as it happens.

Traffic partners and broadcasters are free to retweet and use information from the Twitter feed with Waze attribution.
To set up a Waze Unusual Traffic twitter for your area, get in touch with your Waze contact. 

Unusual Traffic Twitter accounts North America

Atlanta Detroit Nashville Raleigh
Boston  Houston New Jersey Salt Lake City
Buffalo Indianapolis New Orleans San Antonio
Charlotte Jacksonville New York San Diego
Chicago Kansas City Oklahoma City  San Francisco
Cincinnati Los Angeles Orlando  Seattle
Cleveland Memphis Philadelphia St Louis
Columbus Miami Phoenix Tampa Bay
Dallas Milwaukee Pittsburgh  Toronto
Denver Minneapolis Portland Washington DC

Unusual Traffic Twitter accounts Latin America

Bogota Lima Quito Santiago de Chile
Buenos Aires Mexico City Rio de Janeiro São Paulo

Unusual Traffic Twitter accounts Europe

Amsterdam Bucharest Manchester Paris
Barcelona Budapest Milano Prague
Madrid Dublin Roma Riga
Brussels London Moscow Warsaw

Unusual Traffic Twitter accounts Asia

Jakarta Manilla Sydney
Kuala Lumpur Singapore  
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