Add the Waze Live Map to your website

Developers can embed a Waze Live Maponto their website. It allows visitors to search for locations and view real-time traffic updates based on Waze's map data. 

You can embed the Waze Live Map into your website by using an iFrame, so that the output looks like the image below. The Live Map default includes a link to this map's search and routing options in the lower-left corner.

  • There are additional Live Map configuration options, for example.
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To embed an iFrame with Waze Live Map:

  1. Open your web page in a text editor
  2. Add the iFrame code to the webpage  
  3. Open the Waze Live Map
  4. Search your location in the search bar or zoom in and click on a specific map segment.
  5. Click the share icon  in the bottom right corner of the map
  6. A pop-up should appear with a customized embed code. Copy and paste the code into the body of your web page.

Note: The zoom level in your Live Map is reflected in the embed code. You can modify it with the zoom parameter. For more information, see URL parameters.


The following example shows how to embed the Live Map into your website. Update the URL parameters for your use case.

<iframe src=""
  width="300" height="400"></iframe>

 To embed the iFrame into a responsive website, we recommend that you use common CSS techniques to set the iFrame size automatically, based on the screen size.

URL parameters

This table describes the parameters of the Waze iFrame:

Parameter Required? Description
desc Optional Set this parameter to any value to display a descriptive text block in the Live Map. Broadcasters use this text to provide up-to-date information for Wazers, with no need for manual updates to their stations' websites. All text is created by Waze, ensuring the content is correct.
lat Required The latitude of the map's center point.
lon Required The latitude of the map's center point.
pin Optional

Set to 1 to place a pin to the center of the map. For example:

<iframe src="
  width="300" height="400"></iframe>
zoom Required

The level of magnification of the map when it is opened.

The minimum value is 3 (least magnification). The maximum value is 17 (most magnification).


The default language code is English. For more information, see Localizing the iFrame.

The following example shows how to change the display language:

<iframe src=""
  width="300" height="400"></iframe>


To embed the Waze Live Map on your site, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not associate Waze with the use of a non-Waze map in any way.
  • Do not use Waze-branded materials (logo or icons) with non-Waze maps.


These examples show combinations of the parameters to add different visual elements to the Live Map.

Contact the Waze Developers' Community

For more information, join the conversation in the Waze Developers' Community forum.


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