Live Traffic Watchlist: ETA and user-reported incidents

Find expected drive times, segment history, and suggested alternate routes on Waze Traffic View.

Becoming Familiar with the Traffic View Tool

Unusual traffic or pre-selected routes are listed on the left hand side of the Traffic View Tool.

Click on any item to see an extended view containing:

  • Name of the route or segment
  • Traffic flow, delays and incidents:
    • Color-coded to indicate traffic severity
    • "As usual" indicates traffic listed is normal for this time or day and day of the week. 
    • Current travel time and speed shown in black.
    • Usual travel time and speed shown in grey.
    • Where possible, incidents are tied to items in the form of Waze icons.

Hover on an entry to highlight it on the map.

Click on an item to select and zoom on the map.

Where available, an alternate route will be shown as a purple line. Clicking the purple line provides data for that alternate route. The data includes a street name, travel time as well as time saved in minutes.
Alternative Routes



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