W on Air Features

User reports

Enhance your traffic coverage with live reports from Waze users on the road, including photographs. Search by category, and engage your audience with Waze Teams.

User Reports by Category

  1. Go to Menu, then Reports to see reports from nearby users.
  2. Choose All to view every report in your area, or browse by category. Reports listed are a reflection of the area currently selected on the map.
    1. Police Reports
    2. Traffic Reports
    3. Accident Reports
    4. Map Notes
    5. Closure Reports
    6. Hazard reports
  3. Tap on an alert to show it on the Live Map.

User Reports by Teams

  1. Go to Menu, then Reports to see reports from nearby users.
  2. Tap any category, then toggle "Team reports only" to view reports only from your team members. 
  3. Tap on an alert to show it on the Live Map.

Read more about Teams here.

Display usernames on air

  1. Go to Settings, then Show on Map

  2. Toggle on Wazers and Incidents

View User profiles

Tap any Wazer on the map to see profile information including points, rank, how long they’ve been on Waze, and their current speed.

Incidents and images

Incidents are anything that happens on the road. Users upload images with their phones from the scene. Since this content is user-generated, be sure to view all images before showing them on air. 


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