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Use Snapshot to save screens

Snapshot creates a screenshot of the Waze Live Map including location, traffic conditions, alert details, and alternate routes for use later in a broadcast.


Save a Snapshot

Tap on the camera icon snapshot  to save

A Snapshot captures the following information:

  • Current location 
  • Current traffic conditions
  • Time
  • Selected Traffic alerts
  • Active Alternate Routes
    Snapshot Bar
Load saved snapshots

Tap on the map preview shot, on the bottom of the screen, to load saved snapshots.

  • Snapshot displays as “Live Traffic” if taken less than 5 minutes ago.

Logo Live Traffic

  • Between 5 and 20 minutes, Snapshot displays minutes since taken. 

Logo 5min

  • More than 20 minutes, Snapshot displays time of day taken. 

Logo Time

Reorder Snapshots

Drag and drop to reorder your Snapshots.

  • Tap and hold on a Snapshot, till the selected Snapshot comes to the foreground
  • Drag the Snapshot to it's new position
  • Release to drop the Snapshot into position. 
Return to real time traffic

When Snapshots are displayed, tap “Back to LIVE TRAFFIC” button to show current traffic conditions of that area. 

Snapshot Bar

Delete a Snapshot

Select a Snapshot and tap "x" to delete it



Change the name of a Snapshot

Tap on a Snapshot, then tap the text label on the bottom to edit the name. 




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