About W on Air

W on Air is an interactive traffic display app offered exclusively to Waze Broadcast Partners.

With W on Air, broadcasters can:

  • Deliver the freshest and most accurate traffic data
  • Show the Waze Live Map on screen and interact in real-time
  • Show live traffic flows, jams, and delay times
  • Highlight specific routes, roads, and highways
  • Share reports, photos, and comments by local Waze drivers
  • Save time-stamped traffic views for live broadcasting
  • Filter reports from your branded Waze Team. Read more about Waze Teams.

Enhance W on Air with Waze Traffic View

We recommend that broadcasters also use Waze Traffic View, a web-based application for partners featuring our Unusual Traffic feed, custom Route Watchlist and an interactive Live Map.

Waze Traffic View serves as a research tool for broadcasters to gain an in-depth look at the most important real-time traffic information before reporting live using W on Air. 

Check out the Waze Traffic View section for more detailed information. Contact your Waze representative to sign-up. 

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