Get traffic insights with Traffic View

Traffic View gives you real-time information about traffic in your area and on specific routes within your approved polygons in the Partner Hub. 


Make the most of Traffic View

Monitor real-time traffic with the Watchlist 

Monitor real-time traffic within your polygon.

  1. Log in to the Partner Hub

  2. Click Traffic View

  3. Click +

  4. Name your route in the “Route name” field 

  5. Zoom in on the map to find the start and end of the route

  6. Click the start point

  7. Click the end point. You can also click on the route to mark waypoints.

  8. Click Save

Your route will appear on your Watchlist with this traffic information:

  • Black: The current amount of time it will take to drive the route

  • Grey: The amount of time it normally takes to drive the route. Waze calculates the average ETA at a specific time and day of the week, based on historic traffic data.

Delete a route

  1. Click Traffic View
  2. Find the route on the Watchlist
  3. Click 
  4. Click Delete

Edit a route

  1. Click Traffic View
  2. Find the route on the Watchlist
  3. Click the three dot icon next to the route you want to edit
  4. Click Edit 
  5. Make the changes you want to the route
  6. Click Save

Get a visual snapshot of the traffic in your area with the Waze-o-Meter

Click any of the colored bars to highlight affected areas on the Live map.

Each color represents a different state of traffic:

  • Green: Drivers are moving at the speed limit
  • Yellow: Light traffic, but drivers can still drive at relative speeds
  • Light red: Moderate traffic, noticeable congestion
  • Red: Heavy traffic, expect significant delays
  • Dark red: Bumper-to-bumper traffic at a near standstill

Click a color to see the affected areas highlighted on the Live map. Click again to deselect.

To adjust the area covered by the Waze-o-meter, edit your polygon

Get alerts about unusually long drives with the Unusual Traffic list

The Unusual Traffic feed automatically alerts partners of places where drive times are much longer than expected and provides a link to the best alternate route when available. Road closures caused by Major Traffic Events like  construction, or special local events (such as parades) are also listed in the feed.

View user-reported traffic incidents with the Traffic View Live map

The Traffic View Live map is automatically set to the polygon area you defined.

Icons represent user-reported traffic incidents. Click an icon to see more information.

Zoom in or out with "+" and "-" to see details.

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