How to give Waze attribution

Waze shares traffic data with partners free of charge and requests that our partners follow attribution guidelines when sharing this data.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If you're displaying data provided by Waze, choose one of the following attribution styles (including hyperlink) to appear:

"Data provided by Waze App. Learn more at ."

Or, when hyperlinking is not possible:

"Data by Waze App. ."

  • When showing attribution on a mobile device, the hyperlink must be "". You may embed the hyperlink only if you can do so in the "Waze App" text. 
  • When unable to provide the short-form attribution as shown above, you may use a different form and format of attribution, subject to Google’s express prior written consent.
  1. If you reference or use Waze Data in an audio format (ex: to report an incident on the radio) provide a clear, spoken attribution mentioning Waze as your source of information.
  2. Any other attribution or use of the Waze Brand Features must be pre-approved by Google. This includes any references or use of Waze Data in academic papers, presentations, charts and graphs, marketing materials, and other types of print.
  3. Allow Google at least 48 hours (on business days) to review an approval request.
  4. The parties may mutually agree to amend the Attribution Guidelines in writing (including by email).

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