Send alerts to drivers with the Reporting Tool

Improve safety in your community by adding road hazards, traffic jams, construction zones, or accidents to the Waze map. Waze will send an alert to drivers nearby.


Supported alert types

Car Accident:

  • Minor Accident
  • Major Accident

Traffic Jam:

  • Moderate Traffic Jam
  • Heavy Traffic Jam
  • Stand Still Traffic Jam
  • Light Traffic Jam

Road Hazard:

  • Hazard on Road
  • Hazard on Shoulder
  • Weather Hazard
  • Pothole
  • Road Kill Hazard
  • Car Stopped On Road
  • Car Stopped On Shoulder
  • Animals On Shoulder
  • Missing Sign
  • Fog
  • Hail
  • Road Construction
  • Heavy Rain
  • Heavy Snow
  • Flood
  • Monsoon
  • Tornado
  • Heat Wave
  • Hurricane
  • Freezing Rain
  • Closed Lane
  • Fresh oil Spill
  • Recently Formed Ice

To use the Reporting Tool:

  1. Log in to the Partner Hub
  2. At the top, click Reporting Tool
  3. Zoom in to the area where you want to create an alert
  4. Click the area
  5. Click Add an alert
  6. Fill out the information, then click Submit

To remove a report, click on it, and then click Remove.

Note: You can only remove reports that were created with your organization's username.

Confidence and reliability scores

Every alert sent to Waze users nearby gets a confidence score and a reliability score. 

Confidence score

Each alert receives a confidence score based on how other users react to the report - either with a “Thumbs up” to indicate the alert is accurate, or “Not there” if the report is irrelevant. The score ranges between 0 and 10, and a higher score indicates more positive feedback from Waze users.

Reliability score:

Every alert also gets a reliability score based on the experience level of the reporter.
Wazers gain experience levels by contributing to the map, from level 1 to level 6. The higher the level, the more experienced and trustworthy the Wazer. The score ranges between 0 and 10, with 10 being the most reliable.
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