Get traffic insights with the Traffic View

Monitor real-time traffic in your area with the Traffic View. It includes four distinct features that work together to provide the most useful information about traffic in your area. Learn about each one below.

Note: The Traffic View does not update automatically. To update, refresh the Traffic View web page.

Access the Traffic View

  1. Log in to the Partner Hub
  2. At the top, click Toolbox
  3. Click Traffic View and then click Request access
  4. Follow the instructions to request access


The Waze-o-Meter gives a quick visual snapshot of the traffic in your area. Click any of the color bars to highlight affected sections on the Live map.

The color coding of the Waze-o-Meter mirrors what's displayed on the Waze app.

  • Green: Cars able to move at the speed limit
  • Yellow: Light traffic, but drivers can still travel at relative speeds
  • Light red: Moderate traffic, noticeable congestion
  • Red: Heavy traffic, expect significant delays
  • Dark red: Bumper-to-bumper traffic at a near standstill

Click a color to see the affected sections highlighted on a map. Click again to deselect.

To adjust the area covered by the Waze-o-meter, get in touch with your Waze contact.

Unusual Traffic feed

The Unusual Traffic feed automatically alerts partners to places where drive times are much longer than expected and provides a link to the best alternate route when available. Road closures caused by Major Traffic Events like big construction, or local events are also listed in the feed.

Route Watchlist feed

The Watchlist allows you to save routes that you track frequently.

Add a route to your Watchlist

  1. Click Add route 
  2. Give your route a name in the “Route name” field 
  3. Zoom in on the map to find your start and end locations of your route, and click them to drop pins
  4. You can add additional pins between these two points if you want to customize a specific route
  5. Click Save

Your route should now appear on your Watchlist. Underneath each route you should see the following traffic information:

  • In black, the current amount of time it will take to drive the the route
  • In grey, the amount of time it normally takes to complete the route (based on historic traffic data, Waze calculates the average ETA for the route at a specific time and day of the week)

Delete a route

  1. Find the route you'd like to edit in your Watchlist
  2. Click the trashcan icon 
  3. Confirm

Edit a route

To edit an existing route, please delete the relevant route and add it again with the necessary changes.

Traffic View Live map

The Traffic View Live map should be automatically set to the polygon area you defined.

Icons appear for accidents, police, hazards, road closures, and more. Click on any icon to see information about that notification submitted by Waze users.

Zoom in or out with "+" and "-" controls to see details. ​Re-center the map by clicking the "reset view" icon .


When sharing Waze’s data, please follow attribution guidelines. Learn more. 

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