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Known issues in this version

No "Menu" icon

Missing Menu on iOS devices in Israel

iOS users in Israel: we're aware of an issue with the latest version of Waze (4.19), which causes the "Menu" icon to disappear, and instead be replaced by the Waze Carpool icon.

To resolve this issue, please download the latest version of Waze (4.19.1) from the App Store.

Microphone access on iOS

Waze asks for microphone access during navigation

iOS users: we're aware of instances when Waze asks for microphone access while driving.

If you've experienced this issue, please set the app to debug mode, submit logs and then get in touch with us so we can investigate further. 

Send debug logs & open a ticket

No route found

No route found or routing server timeout error

When you try to navigate with Waze for very long distances (between states or cross country, for instance), it's possible that you'll receive an error saying "Routing server timeout" or "no route found."

Setting a route over long distances puts a lot of weight on our servers. We recommend breaking up the route into several segments for an error-free journey.


Unable to retrieve password/account

Providing an email address and password are no longer mandatory when registering a new user to Waze. However, because these credentials are required when trying to reset or retrieve your account details, it is possible that users missing these credentials can't login again to the app.

Users who have completed one of the actions below should not experience any difficulties when trying to retrieve their login credentials:

  • Your password was manually set in the app through Menu > Settings > Account & Login > Password.
  • You provided your email address to Waze by going to Menu > Settings > Account & Login > Email.
  • Your contacts have been synced with Waze by going to Menu > Send > Tap Allow access to contacts.


We are working on adding additional ways of verifying your identity to simplify the process of retrieving your account details. These changes will take effect in our next version.