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Find a ride from your web browser

Note: This feature is currently only available for riders.


With Carpool on the web, you can schedule carpool rides from your computer's web browser.

You can only use Carpool on the web from a desktop computer or laptop.

It’s not available for mobile web browsers.


Step 1: Go to Waze Carpool on your web browser

  1. Visit
  2. Log in

Step 2: Pick a day & time to carpool

  1. In the left-side calendar, click a day & time you want to carpool (for example, Monday morning).
  2. Waze uses your default addresses and pickup time. To change them, click Edit in the top right of the page.

Step 3: See who's driving

  1. Browse your list of matches. In a driver’s card, you can find:
    • Driver's name & photo
    • Driver's workplace, star rating, & other info (if available)
    • The ride's price breakdown
    • Walking distance
    • Pickup & drop-off spots – to change one, click the pencil icon and then drag & drop it to a new spot
Note: Drivers with a blue lightning bolt can be booked instantly – you won't have to wait for them to confirm. The price is slightly higher.
  1. Click Details to find a map of the route

Step 4: Ask for a ride

  1. When you find a driver that suits you, click Ask for a ride. The driver gets notified.
  2. Change your mind? Find your pending ride request in the top right of the page under “Requests you sent”. Click it to:
    • See ride details
    • Cancel the request
  3. When your driver accepts, you get an email and/or notification with all the details you'll need, like the pickup location, time, and a number you can call to reach your driver.


FAQs for Carpool on the web

What happens when a ride is confirmed?

When either you or the driver confirms, the day & time in the left-side calendar turns green.

  1. Click the day & time with the confirmed ride
  2. Review the green card with ride details like price, route, and pickup & drop-off spots
  3. Find a temporary phone number that you can use to call your driver. Don't worry – your number stays private.


When it's time to leave, you'll get a push notification on your phone.

I need to cancel a ride

If you have a confirmed ride, the day & time in the left-side calendar turns green.

  1. Click the day & time with the confirmed ride
  2. Click Cancel ride

You can leave a message before confirming.

I don't feel like asking for rides.

No worries. You can sit back and wait for drivers to offer you rides.

Visit , log in, and check the left side calendar.

If you see a red number, that means a driver want to offer you a ride.

  1. Click the day & time with the ride offer
  2. Review the blue offer card at the top of the page for ride details & info about your driver

Like what you see?

Click Accept, and then enter your enter your desired pickup time and click OK.

You now have a confirmed ride! 

I want to change the addresses & times before I ask for a ride

  1. In the left-side calendar, click the day & time you want to edit
  2. Click Edit in the top right corner

From here, you can change:

  • Addresses – Enter the “from” and “to” addresses
  • Pickup time – Under “Leave by”, choose a window of time in which you can leave. Choosing a wider window will show more potential drivers.
  1. If you want, click the box next to "Apply changes to all [weekday]"
  2. Click Save

Your list of drivers refreshes to show relevant drivers for your new route & pickup time.

Can I do everything on the web that I can do in the Waze & Waze Carpool apps?

Not yet. Currently, Carpool on the web lets riders:

  • Browse their match list of drivers and ask for rides
  • Get ride offers from drivers, and accept or decline
  • Edit addresses & times
  • Edit pickup & drop-off spots


Use the mobile app to:

  • Set up and managing payment – Here's how
  • Chat or call your driver – Here's how
  • See your driver’s progress as they drive
  • Change your settings
  • Drive in a carpool

...and more.

I’m a driver. Can I schedule rides on the web?

For now, only riders can use Carpool on the web. The driver version is on the way.

I'm having problems scheduling rides on the web.

Make sure you have a payment method & verified phone number.

To add a payment method, open the Waze Carpool app and follow these instructions.


To add a phone number:

  1. Open the Waze Carpool mobile app
  2. Tap Settingsand thenEdit profile and scroll down to phone number

I previously scheduled a ride on web without having to add a payment method, but now it's asking me too. Why?

For the previous ride you scheduled, you likely used a free ride coupon.

To continue scheduling rides, add a payment method. Open the Waze Carpool app and follow these instructions.

Still need help with Carpool on the web?

Contact us!

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