Invite friends and get Carpool rewards

Carpool rewards are for riders. If you're a driver, read about cash gifts.


When you refer friends to join Carpool, you get $10 in Carpool rewards. Rewards automatically cover up to 50% of the price of your upcoming rides.

How can I get rewards?

Invite friends

You get $10 in Carpool rewards when:

  1. You invite a friend to join Waze Carpool, who then
  2. Signs up using your invite code, and then
  3. Completes their first ride (this ride can be with you!)

You only get rewards for inviting new users – someone who:

  • Has never completed a ride
  • Has never used an invite code to join Waze
  • Doesn’t have a confirmed ride or a ride in progress
  • Is in a region where Waze Carpool is active

What does my friend get?

  • If they join as a rider, they get $10 in Carpool rewards too
  • If they join as a driver, they get a $10 cash gift

You can also get them:

  • As a one-time gift – when you join Waze Carpool through a friend’s invite code and complete your first ride
  • As part of special events and promotions


Got questions?

How do I view my rewards in the app?

  1. Open Waze Carpool
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Tap Carpool rewards

Do my rewards expire?

Some rewards have expiration dates. To check if your rewards expire:

  1. Open Waze Carpool
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Tap Carpool rewards



For more info, visit the Waze Carpool Terms of Service.


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