My Carpoolers

You have quick access to the people you've recently carpooled with at the top of the Weekly view. From here, you can easily set up regular carpool rides with your favorite drivers. Just tap a photo to see that driver’s profile, send a message, or schedule a ride.


At the top of the Weekly view, you’ll see a row of drivers’ photos. Tap a photo to:

  • Chat

  • Request rides

  • View profile

Requesting rides

Tap a photo, then tap Request to set weekly rides

Days that you both have overlapping time windows are pre-selected for you in green: 

You can tap a green day () to deselect it: 

- Tap Review to finalize the details of the carpool, like time and price, and send them to the driver

How do I check the status of ride requests?

If you’ve sent requests to a driver in the list, you can tap their photo again to see the status of your requests.

If you have a confirmed carpool, the day looks like this: Tap it to see details.

If they haven’t responded to your request, the day looks like this: Tap it to see or cancel the request.

What do the different day icons mean?

 Both you and the driver are available, and the day is selected. Tapping Send will request a ride on this day.

 Both you and the driver are available, but you’ve deselected the day. This happens when you tap a green day.

 There is no overlap in availability for you and the driver on this day

 You’ve already requested a ride from that person on this day

 Congrats, you've successfully scheduled a carpool with this person on this day

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