Payment breakdown

Carpooling makes it easy to cover your driving costs by sharing your car with fellow commuters. Payments help you save on your commute, but won't help you earn an income. 

Payments are made up of a few things:   

  • Base price – Waze Carpool calculates a base price that makes commuting more affordable for both riders and drivers. It is based on your route and the number of riders in the carpool.
  • Service fee – Service fees are currently waived
  • Subsidies – Sometimes, Waze Carpool may subsidize your riders' price. This means the amount you get may be higher than the amount your riders pay.


To see your Payment breakdown:

  1. Open Waze and tap Carpool   

  2. Tap a ride request
  3. In Ride details, tap  (next to the payment amount)

 Once a ride is confirmed, you can see you Payment breakdown at any time by tapping to Ride details.

From time to time, you may receive a promotional offer (like a one-time welcome gift) from Waze Carpool or our partners. Promotions are applied to your Carpool balance.

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