How Waze calculates your payment

This article is for drivers. If you're a rider, read this.


Waze may calculate your payment based on:

  • The distance of a rider's route from origin to destination
  • Local gas costs
  • Local public transportation costs

Since these can change, Waze’s pricing also changes from time to time.

After each ride, your payment is added to your Carpool balance.


View the Price breakdown

You can always view a ride's price before you choose to accept it.

In the Ride details screen, tap to see the Price breakdown. The price is made up of a few things:

  • Ride – set by the factors listed above
  • Number of riders – the price may go up when more riders join your ride
  • Service fee – currently waived


Set your own price

When offering a ride, you can raise or lower the price to suggest your own.

From your list of matches:

  1. Choose a rider
  2. Next to the price, tap Edit or the > icon
  3. Use the lever to set a higher or lower price

Fairness is key – riders may accept or decline your ride offer based on the price you set.


Two tips to increase your Carpool balance

Tip #1: Add more riders to your carpool to save a bit more on commuting costs.

Tip #2: Invite your friends and get a cash gift when they complete a ride. Cash gifts go toward your Carpool balance. To invite friends, tap in the top right corner of the calendar screen.

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