How to use Waze Carpool

Riding together

Before the ride

  1. You’ll get a reminder notification about your upcoming carpool before it begins

  2. You’ll get a notification when the driver starts driving: 
    • Tap the notification to see the driver’s progress and ETA, so you can be on time
  3. Once you’re at the pickup spot, you can notify the driver with your exact location so they can easily find you. To send your location:
    • Choose the current ride in the Your rides screen
    • Tap I'm here
  4. You’ll get a notification when the driver’s about to arrive at the pickup spot and again if they tap the “I’m here” button, when they arrive
    • Tap the notification to see the driver’s exact location on the map so you can easily find them
    • You can also identify the driver by checking their car details and profile photo on your Carpool screen

During the ride

Just sit back and relax. If you like, you can follow your real-time progress on the Waze map.  

After the ride

  1. Payment happens automatically, as long as you've added/updated a payment method
  2. Rate your driver to help build trust for future riders
  3. Waze Carpool is community built on trust and your experience is important. If you have any problems with a driver, send a report to Waze Carpool.

Here’s how to cancel a ride.

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