How to use Waze Carpool

Getting ride offers

Enjoy a comfortable ride with a fellow Wazer going your way.

People on your home-to-work route will see your profile and can ask to carpool with you. Accept or decline - it’s up to you.

When you get a ride offer

  • You’re notified - You get a notification on your phone that a driver wants to ride with you. Tap the request to see a commute window and other ride details (if another rider accepts the ride or the driver cancels the offer, then the ride request no longer appears).

  • Check the ride details - See the driver’s profile, the price, and the suggested date, time, and route

  • Messages - You and the potential driver can chat directly through the app

Next, choose to accept or decline the offer

  • Accept - When its time to head to the pickup spot, Waze Carpool will remind you with a notification

  • Decline - Not available? Tap Decline. There’s no penalty for declining a ride. The driver will no longer see the option to carpool with you for this ride, but can send you another request in the future.

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