How to use Waze Carpool

Joining Waze Carpool

Tap into your local Waze community to find friends, neighbors, and coworkers going your way.

To join Waze Carpool as a rider, first download the app on Android or iPhone, and then:

  1. Open Waze Carpool

  2. Tap Get started

  3. Set your daily route & schedule

  4. Create your profile

  5. Add your work email (optional)


Please note:

  • Daily route - Your home & work addresses are used to find people who share a similar route. it is always kept private.

  • Phone verification - Verify your phone number so you can easily contact the people you carpool with. Your phone number is kept private.


Invited to Waze Carpool by a friend? See how to claim your free ride.

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