Getting paid

When a carpool ends, the rider pays automatically through the app. The price of the ride will be added to your monthly Carpool balance.

To view your monthly Carpool balance:

  1. Open Waze and tap Carpool   

  2. Tap Settings 

  3. Tap Payments

You will see the Carpool balance of just the current month. On the 1st of the next month, your balance will be set to 0, but don't worry -- you'll still get paid for the previous month's balance by the 15th of the month after.

Here's an example:

July 20 - You join Waze Carpool July balance: $0
July 25 - You get $5 for a ride July balance: $5
August 1 August balance: $0 (But you can go to Payments center to see $5 from July, unpaid)
August 5 - You get $7 August balance: $7
By August 15 - Payment for July Congrats, you get paid $5 from July! August balance: $7

To collect your payment, you’ll need to set up a Google Pay account.


Please note:

  • If you have not yet verified your bank details, then deleting any of the following accounts will erase your current balance:

    • Your Waze Carpool account

    • Your Google Pay account

    For this reason, if you plan to delete your account, you should do so only after you’ve verified your bank details and received your final payment (which will take place by the 15th of next month).

  • Your payment is transferred by the 15th of each month for rides given during the previous month. For example, you’ll get paid for January rides by February 15th.

  • Currently, you can’t use your Carpool balance to pay for carpool rides

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