View and compare toll prices

When your route has a toll road, Waze shows you the estimated price before you start navigating.

  1. Open Waze
  2. Select a destination
  3. View your route and toll price on the ETA screen
  4. Tap the toll price for more information about how Waze calculated it

You can tap Routes on the ETA screen to see alternate routes and their toll prices. Compare them to choose the best route.

Note: Toll prices are only available in Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Latvia, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Spain, Uruguay, and the US.

How Waze calculates toll prices

Waze estimates toll prices based on:  

  • Day of the week
  • Hour of the day
  • Specific dates
  • Your toll passes
  • Your vehicle type
  • Your route
  • Your settings
  • Information added by the Waze community


  • Because toll prices in Waze are estimations, they don’t replace actual prices set by the toll operators, which are published on their websites and road signs. 
  • Waze does not calculate toll prices for congestion-based toll roads where prices vary depending on traffic. In these cases, you receive a notification that the toll amount varies.

Toll prices and passes

If you’ve added toll road passes to Waze, they affect the displayed toll price. If there is a fee to drive on an HOV lane, this information is also displayed along with the toll price.

Report a toll price issue 

  1. Tap the Report button
  2. Tap Map issue
  3. Explain the issue you experienced
  4. Tap Send
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